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My name is Lukáš Kubík; I hold a master’s degree in Korean studies from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. I am now in the fourth year of the Ph.D. programme History and Cultures of Asian and African countries at the Institute of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. My academic interests are mainly history of premodern East Asia and history of Korea, international relations and maritime piracy. My dissertational project deals with Korean history and medieval maritime piracy at the end of the 14th century from an international relations perspective. The project aims to explain the role of Japanese pirates in Koryŏ’s internal politics during the reign of King Kongmin and interpret their activities and impacts into a broader context of historical events. I hope this dissertation will bring new light to this complex historical period and help to understand better the political dynamics between China, Japan, and Korea.

This website is my online academic curriculum vitae and blogging platform for my field research and travelogues.